Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Old-fashioned journalism …

… ICE feints on Sunday – STU BYKOFSKY.

Let’s be clear on a few points:
1- No one has a “right” to be in the United States without permission, under U.S. law.
2- Any person who enters without permission is subject to removal.
3- ICE enforces U.S. law approved by Congress. So when some in Congress attack ICE for enforcing the laws Congress itself wrote, is that hypocrisy, political posturing or stupidity?
4- Polls with good reputations show a large majority of Americans oppose two things: deportation of millions of long-here illegals who have clean records.  They also oppose Sanctuary Cities.


  1. On Point #4. To be a sanctuary city is up to the city. They decided on it, and do not need the feds intruding. Some cities are not proclaimed sanctuary cities, but act like them without a proclamation that could get in the way of being part of this country. It's up to the city. What they decide to do in San Francisco is none of the business of citizens of Lowell or Philadelphia.

    It's interesting that I am for the greater part Irish. Grandparents and other family came over during the potato famine. They sought asylum in a way, but on the other hand it was economic, like so many nowadays who are not deemed asylum seekers and do not make such application. Many of these economic migrants are not asylum seekers, who are legal, but the "illegals" as people call them, and go to work picking crops. Thus, California would want to protect them. They put food on the table. Similarly, when the inept president decided on a zero-tolerance policy, he shipped migrant workers out during hurricane season, just when Floridians could have used more roofers and such.

    But, racists separated our Irish cousins from our Irish great aunts and uncles, maybe our great grandparents -- kidnapped them. They did this, without keeping track of which child belonged in which family (a maneuver that Sessions actually threatened asylum seekers with) -- a signature racist move. If you have some special reason to separate so many children, better keep track, right? In the Mexican camps now, the families are together.

    But again, our Irish forefathers were not white at the time, on the east coast anyway, so many of our cousins were sent south of the border to be adopted into Mexican families. When the Texan women who wanted to adopt saw our light skin, they in turn, kidnapped our long lost cousins once again, from their Mexican step parents. Before a bigoted judge, seeing light skin in a light skin family, that judge went along with the kidnapping.

    Today, we have a racist president. Anyone who threatens people with deportations at the same time, the same day, that he is telling US Congresswomen to "go back" to their poor and poorly run countries -- is driven by racism -- no doubt.

    Let me take on your first points. On point 1 and 2, asylum seekers have every right to be in this country without "permission". See 8 U.S. Code § 1158. Asylum By law, these people are not subject to removal. This is what Congress has passed, and that the administration is bound to follow.

    On point #3, no one in Congress has attacked ICE for enforcing its laws. Using ICE to administer a zero tolerance policy was always going to create a humanitarian crisis. Refusing to ask Congress for money in order to process the migrants efficiently, lawyers, social workers, job placement, and so forth, is an example of being "inept and incompetent" as the former UK Ambassador wrote in a private email. When the administration is unable to meet the deadlines for holding any migrant, there is no law that says these people cannot be free, families intact, until they can be processed. So lets stop it with the military might malarkey, and get these people integrated. On the migrant workers, we need them, and have to figure out how they can get a fairer wage. Anyone who works, makes the economy stronger, tus America a little greater. How great a country we could be prideful of, if we had only handled this better within our own laws.

  2. If the city, in offering sanctuary, runs counter to federal statute, the Feds have every right to intervene. Check history of nullification.