Thursday, March 22, 2007

Attention local writers ...

... earlier today, I got this email from Mike at (which he has given me permission to reproduce - and which I reproduce in full):

Surprise!I Got you to open my e-mail again!
Come to Hinge Cafe tonight at 7:45 p.m., at 2652 Somerset Avenue to the Acoustic Philly Songwriters Night.
I am going to tell everybody how to get there from Center City (see below). But first, let it be known that people who come to Acoustic-Philly shows experience the following benefits:
1) An improved nervous system.
2) Better circulatory condition.
3) Less dental plaque.
4) More dates (because dames dig folk musicians, and guys can't resist a chick with a guitar!).
Here's who's playing, but sorry--- you can't date them unless they say so over the microphone:
:-PMayor Street's underwear will not be seen tonight (and I think we're all better off).
Here's who's playing:
Lili Añ
Geremiah Giampa (he once dated a turnip)
Directions from Center City:
to I-676 EAST BOUND to I-95 NORTH TRENTON. Follow I-95 NORTH BOUND to GIRARD AVE / LEHIGH AVE EXIT #23. Merge far right and follow sign for RICHMOND ST. Travel North on Richmond St. approximately 0.6 miles. Turn LEFT onto SOMERSET ST (one block after traffic light). End one and a half blocks on the left.

More at Acoustic Philly.

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