Monday, June 30, 2008

Introducing ...

... Mongolian Noir. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Speaking of Mongolia, on Saturday afternoon Debbie and I went to see Mongol. It's OK. Acting is excellent and so is the scenery, but I don't it even rubs elbows with historical accuracy and the narrative is rather crudely linear. A hell of a lot better than Reprise, though.
Of course, the great Mongol movie is Kurasawa's Dersu Uzala, which is one of the great films, period.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Just yesterday I bought DVD's of three favorite films: "Dersu Uzala", Truffaut's "The Wild Child", and Alan Bridges' "The Shooting Party".

  2. Well, I'm with you on "The Shooting Party," too. I actually haven't seen "The Wild Child," which seems odd now that I think about it. Will check it out.