Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perfect for Sunday ...

... God in the Dock. (Hat tip, Lee Lowe.)

The headline for this is quite misleading. The story clarifies what faith really is all about. I should also note that I have always been most impressed by the contrast between God as frequently portrayed in the Old Testament and God as usually portrayed in the New Testament. I actually find a good deal of the Old Testament repellent.


  1. There are two books you might enjoy reading, that explore the truth that God needs us as much as the other way around, and that God evolves as we do, too. At least on some level.

    Jung's "Answer to Job"


    Janet Dallett's "The Not-Yet-Transformed God"

    Both speak directly to the difference between the Old and New Testament Gods, and most likely you'll discover more about why the elder is repellant, and the younger more palatable.

  2. I should have added that Frank Cottrell Boyce won the 2004 Carnegie Medal for his debut children's novel Millions, a terrific story.

  3. Hi Art,
    I have read Answer to Job, actually - a couple of times. The other I don't know, but will look into. I don't think it is God Who evolves. I think it is our perception of understanding of Him that deepens. I am very unorthodox in some of my interpretations of Scripture. I wrote a poem once in which Adam and Eve are not expelled from Eden, but run away on their own, and God is calling to them to come back.