Thursday, November 06, 2008

Women in Art These Past 500 Years

That is Bach's "Sarabande" from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major (BWV 1007) performed by Yo-Yo Ma, you're right. (This clip was short-listed for Most Creative Video, 2007 YouTube Awards, BTW.)


  1. Wow. Thank you for this post Judith! I somehow wish the images of their faces would have lasted each a bit longer...difficult to fall in love in only a second or two...

  2. Welp, Nigel, you'll just have to orgynise a love-in, then :); but, perhaps your observation says something a little more profound than first oglings suggest; I think your problem may reside in the fact you're not young enough to have been targetted by BigPharma for such afflictions as ADD/ADHD, mebbe?

    Watching it frame-by-frame, as I do since I am a dial-upper, is a bit of a different experience. One thing I did notice (perhaps because I'm a natural-born redhead), is how many redhead and brunette women feature in art, a fact that may have some bearing on the notion that blondes are inherently "evil" in literature (as the name "Linda" and all its variants also is).

    Additionally, the brief Klimt glimpse reminded me that one of the best cop films of all time, IMO, rarely makes those "best-of" lists; but, certainly, it ought to do so: Bad Timing. Highly recommended (and worth watching several times to catch everything Roeg tosses at its viewers. Even Art Garfunkel sparkles in it, BION!) It's my second-fave film of all time. Another kind of "cop" film, Liliana Cavani's The Night Porter, will always be my first cinematic love (and, I watch it a couple times a year on a friends VHS system, I'm such an addict!)

    But, de nada, Nigel, after all the beauty of your Ottawa autumn pics, I'm happy to make you happy.

  3. I remember Bad Timing...ravishing it was :)

  4. Oh, oui, à la fois ravissante et bouleversant. Mon genre de film!

    And, the ticking and the timepieces and that incredible (literally) ending, truly!

    Small wonder I like you bigly, Nigel. You may be the only person I've cyber-met who's actually seen the film and *got* it.