Friday, July 08, 2005

Hail and farewell ...

Tomorrow, my wife and I will be taking off for two weeks in a cabin (a very nicely appointed cabin) near Tunkhannock, Wyoming County. We return July 25. So no more blogging for me for awhile. In my absence, the blogging duties will be assumed by Katie Haegele, who reviews young adult novels (and much else besides) for The Inquirer. She's also responsible for a zine about language called The La-La Theory (Katie studied linguistics at Penn). So welcome Katie!


  1. Have a great time in Tunkhannock, Frank! And welcome, Katie!

  2. Thank you, Frank #2! I'm happy to be here. --Katie

  3. Each day, I take a break and 'explore' the blogosphere by clicking on the "Nect Blog" button two or three times, and seeing where it takes me.

    Today, it broght me here, to your site ... and BOY, what a small world the internet can be! At first I thought, "cool, a blog from Philly," since I am a native of the Keystone State. Then I saw you were on your way up to Tunkhannock ... which is about half-an-hour up the road from the town of Dallas, where I grew up.

    Small world, indeed.

    Anyway, enjoyed my visit to your site. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Katie, as a young adult novel critic, have you ever found a novel you enjoyed immensely and found it difficult to find something "bad" to write about it? As a novice book critic, I'm facing the challenge of keeping a review balanced between the positive and the negative because I enjoyed the book so much. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!