Monday, August 01, 2005

Time out for a factoid ...

In 1957, Pottsville native John O'Hara won the National Book Award for Ten North Frederick. Four years later, the National Book Award was given to Conrad Richter for The Waters of Kronos (an excellent book, by the way). Richter grew up about a 20-minute drive from Pottsville, in Pine Grove.


  1. Haven't read "The Waters of Kronos," more is the pity, but I have read the "Awakening Land" trilogy, and it is superior historical fiction. That makes me think that we should never totally dismiss any source of inspiration, even television. I was led to read it by watching a TV adaptation in, I think, the late 1970s. I believe the TV show was critically rather well received. I wish you wouldn't do this. Now here's ANOTHER writer I want to look at again. So many books, so little time.

  2. Hi Melville,
    I reviewed The Waters of Kronos when PennState reissued it a couple of years ago. Send me your e-mail address at and I'll send you the review. It's a magical book.