Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A blog debut not to be missed ...

I have had the privilege of teaming with Inquirer photographer Eric Mencher twice -- last year in Dublin for the Centenary of Bloomsday, and just recently for a piece about the Art Scene in Tunkhannock, Pa. (check out this Slide Show), and another about glass sculptor Christopher Ries (here's a Flash Show).
I can honestly say I am better journalist for having worked with Eric, who did intense, comprehensive preparation for both outings. So, if you want to see photography at its best, check out This Urban Life, Eric's new blog.

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  1. Wow, Frank. I'm not sure if I should be saying this here or in Eric Mencher's blog itself, but (again) wow. I recently spent a month with a group of talented, hard-working art&design majors who were pitching me cover designs for what will be my first book of poetry. While they were an impressive group of young designers and I did finally pick the cover that I thought would best represent my work, quite a few of Eric's photos deserve the reverse treatment: groups of poems vying for the right to represent his work. All five of the photos in "Some Recent Finds" and "Day and Night" might inspire imaginative, innovative poetic response. And many of the others--among them, the table by the pool and the orange juice cartoon/statue, both from "Here and There"--would work well. What strikes me, though, is that he might enliven the art of the author head shot, find an interesting middle ground between "visionary/heavy" and "goofy/light." I suggest he lurk at poetry/fiction readings and photograph well-known writers for a coffee-table book. I'd buy a copy.