Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Come on, get happy ...

Start blogging. Maxine at Petrona links to findings that blogging raises the spirits -- and to some other things as well.

I liked this:, which commissioned the study, managed to drop in the fact that they have a lot of bloggers: "Creating a blog can be a way to get more out of your life. Judging by the amount of users we have, people like sharing their photos, videos and personal thoughts with others."


  1. Next steps: Blogging Life Coach. Blogging therapists. Blogwalkers: people to keep your blog going when you are on holiday somewhere with no internet access, etc.
    Or maybe these professions exist already and I'm just behind the times.

  2. And blogging cruises. Gay bloggers' crusises. Women bloggers' cruises. cruises. Right-wing women bloggers' cruises. Left-wing gay bloggers' cruises. Geezer bloggers' cruises -- mixed, all-male or all-female. It's the new American economy. I can see Chinese entrepreneurs eyeing it for outsourcing already.

  3. Yes and there's even a blog if I could just figure out how to spend all the millions ai made buying and selling stock! LOL