Monday, February 13, 2006

Get ready to rumble ...

This is great! Maxine at Petrona links to GoogleFight: Make a fight.
Some results: Ontology got clobbered by evolution, but design wiped out evolution, and impressionism KO'd cubism. Also God demolished the devil and made short work of atheism.


  1. That was cute...another one of those mindless things that are fun! Stop by my blog on tuesday. I'll have a little mindless test to see if your 'older than dirt"..LOL

  2. Like your take on the site, Frank. I filled in Nature and Science, but did not like the result so I didn't post it. Cathy suggested I try "Nature magazine" and "Science magazine" but I didn't like that either. Her last suggestion was even worse: Orlando Bloom vs Viggo Mortensen.