Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day ...

... Mother, any distance. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. Susan Balée6:25 PM

    That's a great poem, though I must say that sometimes it's the kids that make this mom want to jump off the roof!

    My birthday (May 12) is always around mother's day. It dawned on my 13 year old son yesterday when we were en route downtown for dinner and a movie that my b-day was the purpose of the outing. His ever helpful elder sister began to chide him. "You mean, you didn't get Mom anything, not even a card?" (As it happened, he was quite well prepared for Mother's Day, perhaps the reason he'd blocked out the day before.)

    The dear boy's face reddened. "I'll write you a poem right now," he declared (he's quicker than Eminem when it comes to verse). "You can't," his sweet sister said. "There's no pen or paper in the car." Mark then grabbed a banana (brought with us because he leapt from 25-mile bikeride to shower to car for our night out) and found a paperclip on the floor of the car. In two minutes he carved out this haiku on the banana and handed it to me:

    To a great mom, Happy Birthday!
    You've got another year
    under your belt.
    But it doesn't show.

    When I tell you how many situps the kid has watched me do to combat middle-aged-mom gut, you will understand why this cracked us all up.

    Mark: "I bet you're the only mom whose son gave her a banana with a haiku on it for her birthday."

    Damn straight. Quel garcon!

  2. Well, happy birthday - and Mothers Day - Susan. I can bear witness to the accuracy of your son's observation.

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