Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today's absolute must read ...

... this is so important, I can't begin to explain. Please read it carefully, because otherwise you will not get the clincher that occurs at the end: Social realism and Lyotardist narrative. (Hat tip, Judith Fitzgerald, God bless her.)

Lee Lowe comments: Erudite writers.


  1. Why is this "important"? Did the speech-recognition software mess up? Should it be "impotent" instead?

    That sounds more fitting. Because as satire goes...this doesn't.

  2. I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek when I wrote "important," Scott. I do find it amusing that software can reproduce literary theorizing so well.

  3. I have seen this thing before. All said, it does overdo its task a bit, but very good (and very useless) overall!

    The first time I read such a thing, I began to seriously doubt my intelligence, until, of course, the note at the end rescued me.

  4. <*beam*>

    Frank, you're a man in a million and for this, I count the horseshoes on my arse daily. Thank you for taking my Easter Treater in the spirit in was intended; it's a beautiful day in the Cyberhood.

    Scott, get a gripe :) . . . If this divertissement is so patently unimportantly impotent, why have you made an attention-hogging point of blabbling on here wallowing in the slimelight; and, as if that weren't enough, making an entire blog entry out of it over there, a blog entry I'd call Dullicious Dregma in an obviously irate s/hothead style (but, that's just me)?

    I dunno, Scott, such dragmatic and ranterageous attitudes give one pause for cause. Perhaps their "author" might consider giving the ol' keyboard a break, preferably over the head? Never mind, nope, never mind; rather, I do hope you've had a nice life and enjoy an even nicer resurrection.

  5. Judith, may I plagiarise some of your expressions? I love 'em: slimelight, dragmatic, ranterageous etc. Wish I'd thought of them!

  6. L. Lee:

    I am humbled and honoured by these
    Lovely upsifying things you say;
    What's mine is yours, freely; and,
    He wouldn't have it any other way.

    Undeniably, Jf/ox