Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I quite understand, actually ...

... The Life of a Literary Journal Editor.


  1. As someone who edits an online journal, I'd expect someone who deals in words to come up with a more clear reply to that query than, "Did you used to live at xxx NJ?" To someone of my Sicilian background, it sounded like a threat.

    How about, "Yes we do provide contributor copies. Yours was sent to----, the address on your submission."

    "Eat shit and die"Was that really necessary? There was a time writers were paid handsomely when their work appeared in journals. Do we now begrudge them a lousy contributor's copy?

  2. As someone who tried to be unfailingly polite to the endless stream of importuners I once had to deal with - reminding myself over and over that they simply had no idea how many of them there were - I took an admittedly evil pleasure in some of this. Though of course you are right, and the writer should have - and probably does, we hope - know that.