Friday, July 25, 2008

Breaking down a faultline ...

... What's Really Real? Literary Critic James Wood Responds to Mischaracterizations. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Hello! So so sorry to put this in a comment (feel free not to publish, of course), but I can’t seem to find an email address for you. We’re both listed in a book of “internet publicity,” and since my listing was screwed up, I thought you might want to know about it so you could correct yours, too. If you email me, I’ll give you all the details! Thanks, and sorry again to distract from the discussion.

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I tried to leave a comment @ The Observer; but, its "Taxonomy" reports my ISP is banned because of spamming activity. Of course it is; it's the biggest one in Canada, Sympatico. (Or, IOW, it ain't me, Bub.) Here is what I said; and, then, I noticed that Frank had also linked to our fave AH moment from the messenger of maestro-media messengers:

    That scene from Allen's film where Marshall McLuhan cameos brilliantly? Have a peek-see and revel in what Wood does best in another medium by another Woody messenger, that is, expanding upon the idea of what "realism can be" (since, I am a Canadian who thinks Wood's work's an exhilarating anodynamic rebut to what passes for lit-crit far too often to believe these utterly post-post-glaze daze):


    p.s. For the record, when I was writing Wise Guy, my biography of McLuhan, I discovered that Woody Allen didn't like the line MM wanted to use in that scene — "You think my fallacy is all wrong?" — perhaps one of his funniest, IMO (and, to this day, no one understands why WA wouldn't allow it to stand). That's why I wonder if we need a "new" WA when I don't think all that highly of the old "WA" (except for that scene in AH)