Monday, November 24, 2008

Appalled maybe ...

... but not surprised: US officials flunk test of American history, economics, civics.

Here is the Civics Test in question. There's also a link to a table comparing the results for the general public and elected officials - the latter proving less knowledgeable.

So how did I do? I got 31 out of 33 correct. Which shows I'm slipping. In my high school civics class, I had a perfect score on every test.


  1. Rats. Missed two as well, and one of them I should have gotten (#7, the Gettysburg Address; how could I miss that? It's only a couple hundred words!)

    But that's a tough quiz. 75% would be no cause for shame.

  2. 30 out of 33 for me. I disagree with some of the economics questions, though, insofar as I think they add an ideological tilt that is unnecessary. Plus, as our current situation shows, even finance "wizards" don't always know what they're doing/talking about.

  3. Well, all three of us are better than the majority of elected officials. Time to draw up a platform, guys. Oh, and the best thing about a free market, if you can have one, is to spread the decision-making around to as many as possible. The fewer people control the economy, the more likely disaster is.

  4. I even agree, Frank, but for the purposes of the quiz, I feel it is presenting economic dogmas, even ones I think are generally correct, as facts in the same way the contents of the first amendment, or the three branches of government, are.

  5. Yeah, I think you're right, Frank. Also economics is not civics.