Thursday, November 27, 2008

Canada Reads (2009)

All I wanna say is one of my favourite musicians (Sarah Slean) is championing one of my favourite authors (David Adams Richards). With a combo this great, the rest might stand a chance . . . might . . .

Okay, now, let's get down to brass facts: I think, with those gorgeous peepers, Nicholas Campbell's the handsomest of Canadian actors on the planet (after Victor Garber, of course); and, both are really great at their craft, too!

Never mind. I'm putting my looney on DAR and SS won't let me down . . . will she?
Nah . . . You'll see :).


  1. I don't think most folks realize what a talented guy Nicholas Campbell is. I was a fan even before Da Vinci's Inquest made him famous.

  2. Me, too! That's weird because he didn't do a lot of major-pic work (although, IIRC, he's a friend or associate of David Cronenberg); I don't know why I fell in love with his eyes because I don't own a television — but, I *think* it was the year I was writer-in-residence at Windsor — and, I used to go visit my BFF for our Street Legal Pizza Night and he was in several of those episodes (and, of course, at least as many of those wonderful dreams I had that year :)).

    Great actor. Never saw Da Vinci's Inquest; but, I think it made him internationally famous (and, he deserves to be, he's such a natural's natural); but, my BFF said such good things about it (and him, for my benefit). I admit: I almost considered buying a television because of him and then I thought, Nah, Canadian TV series don't last; they're inevitably axed :( . . .

    But, you have good good taste, Art!

    Don't think Street Legal ever aired in the US; but, it was wonderful. I'll never forget Olivia being Olivia; what a bitch; oh, we LOVED her (and, we were always trying to think like she did and out-pace her next move; half the time, natch, we blew it. Reminded me of Nietzsche on Good being able to know evil but evil not being able to good) . . .