Monday, November 24, 2008

Domestic dispute ...

... Alice Walker Dumps Daughter (2004).


  1. And playwright Arthur Miller shunned, ignored, kept out of his life his son, Daniel, born with Down syndrome.

  2. I remember reading about this in Vanity Fair (I thought); so, I went to see if it was still online; and, it is, Arthur Miller's Missing Act.

    Speaking of Millers (and, yeah, I admit it, Roger, I could not resist that one), wasn't it loosey-goosey Henry who was ready to kill someone when they made a smart remark about getting into the pants of *somebody's* fifteen-year-old daughter? I think it was one of the Beat poets. They had to be pried apart. Man, the things you sorta remember . . .

    For example, I think Rebecca, Arthur's daughter, married Daniel Day-Lewis. (Well, a bunch of Canadians did invent Trivial Pursuit, eh?)

  3. That sounds like something Henry would do, Judith. The real-life Henry was a lot more upright that the Henry in the books. He was also, by most accounts, a really nice guy.