Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Better known ...

... than you suspect, Roger: Pajama’d Life on the Mississippi.

Last Thursday night, at the Free Library, Elmore spoke appreciatively of Richard Bissell and 7½ Cents. He even cited Bissell as something of an influence.


  1. Elmore Leonard has also written about Richard Bissell.

  2. Thanks, Frank and Dave. I so much like hearing those nice words about Richard Bissell from such a worthy writer. I especially liked what he said about attitude in writing: You can't write portentous if you ain't portentous. I remember reading "7 1/2 Cents" in high school and loving it. Probably after having seen Doris Day (hubba hubba) in the movie of "Pajama Game." That's what I'd do -- see a movie, watch the screen at the opening to see if it was based on a book, in case I liked the movie, then go to the library and get the book.