Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaps of faith ...

... or doubt: Life, the multiverse and everything. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Evidence is what eventually settles science. But in the meantime, one should also be wary of sleights of hand. The multiverse is a hypothesis for which there is no evidence, and perhaps can never be any evidence.
So, if there is no evidence yet, it is not yet science.

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  1. Even as philosophy it seems as if the multiverse concept itself provides proof of God.

    Theology would have it, especially Catholic theology, that the God of the Bible is very much a historical God, that is, One who interacts with human history (or human “reality.”)

    And as to the theory of multiple universes, assume for a moment that the hypothesis (because it really isn’t a theory in the scientific sense) is like that of Guth, a leader if not the leader in the field, who said, that in a multiverse with an infinite number of bubble universes, “anything that can happen, will happen--an infinite number of times…”

    Therefore a multiverse with infinite number of bubble universes would have an infinite number of persons in infinite number of those bubble universes who called themselves Christ, and who appeared in history.

    Again staying with Catholic theology, Christ is both fully human and fully Divine, thus a historical human, thus a real Person.

    What that gives is, interestingly:

    1) A multiverse -- the set of all possible bubble universes -- exists.

    2) If Christ exists, then God exists.

    3) In the set of all possible bubble universes there exists a universe where Christ, fully human and fully Divine, exists.

    4) Therefore God exists.