Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thought for the day ...

Welcome to the world of light made lapidary,
shades of pale slate casting tender cerulean hues
variously cobalt basalt, indigo outerglow, slow-dawning
blues. Accept this delicate hypnotopia lovingly rendered
for the singular Individual in that malltitudinous queue.
- Judith Fitzgerald


  1. Whoa . . . Read the first line and started to git all jellis about it thinking (well, never mind what I thought) . . .

    On a day such as this, with an honour like this (remembering our no-nodes on similes), I only wish my mom were still among us; I know she'd be emailing the entire world, she'd be so proud :) . . .

    Thank you for this one, Frank, I think you just made my life; and, for that, I count the horseshoes on my arse.

    Funny, innit, how such a small space can occupy such a large place in terms of improving one's outlook when one — that is, this one — had been feeling next-door-to-bereft. I'm abso-obvo going to put up a link to this on my mortal portal page in perpetuity. You, My Dear Friend, rocket!

    p.s. Had a note from Daphne (who missed Robin's burial proper because of a pressing personal matter); but, she did attend the wonderfully jouissance-packed wake . . .

  2. So beautiful.