Monday, December 07, 2009

Check out ...

... The Bat Segundo Show: Terry Teachout.

Also, for a bit of literary street fighting, you may want to check out Scott McLemee: A Wildly Weak and Untrained Mind.


  1. Re: Scott McLemee: A Wildly Weak and Untrained Mind

    "When You Catch an Adjective, Kill It!" -- Ben Yagoda

  2. It gets even funnier.

    "Please visit the comments section and make this douchebag's life miserable."

    "Intellectuals" showing their civilized credentials.

  3. My god, I am having flashbacks to the following:

    1) USENET ca. 1997.

    2) Ed's blog, when it was still called Return of the Reluctant, when he wrote a post excoriating Harlan Ellison for grabbing Connie Willis's boob and all manner of SF luminary showed up in the comments bearing the pitchfork variety of their choice.

    It is a rare gift to make people who should know better show up and troll, bitch, moan, yell, scream, etc. etc.

    Also, the demographics of the angry commenters kind of prove Ed's point, just a little bit.