Thursday, March 18, 2010

John Berger

I've posted several short pieces about John Berger on this blog before. But as I've recently finished another of his collections - this time, The Shape of a Pocket - I felt compelled to again sing his praises. Here is a writer - one of the last true intellectuals, I fear - who gets it. Plain and simple. With a style uniquely his own, Berger crafts insightful, engaging essays - essays which reveal a keen intellect, a powerful way of seeing. I can't say enough for the importance of Berger's reflections, and I leave the last word, therefore, to him:

"Silence, you know, is something that can't be censored. And there are circumstances in which silence becomes subversive. That's why they fill it with noise all the while." (The Shape of a Pocket, 258)

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