Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paging Dave Lull ...

... Survey: Librarians get frisky in stacks.

I knew I should have been a librarian!


  1. In a blog posting titled "This is no joke" ("Okay, my librarian friends, my life has gotten weird…very weird."), Will Manley asks a number of questions about the reaction to his blog posting about this survey, including:

    "Of all the many bloggers and newspapers who have run stories about the survey, not one of them has asked me for my methodology (there was none!), and not one has asked if I used a random scientific sample (no!). As information specialists does this bother or surprise you?"

    "Here’s what really blows my mind. The newspapers are following the lead of the bloggers in presenting this story. In other words professional journalists are getting their news from blogs that may or may not be reliable. Don’t they care that this survey was a tongue in cheek attempt at humor? Does this worry you about the news industry and journalists in general?"


    And, no, I wasn't one of those surveyed.

  2. I was a librarian for 15 years, and was sorely disappointed by the low levels of trysting among the stacks - seemed to me they just weren't trying.

  3. "this survey was a tongue in cheek attempt at humor?"

    Well, beans. And I was just starting to look for a librarian to date.

  4. Long ago, when I was responsible for the law library where I worked (the federal government), I was always suspicious about the levels of covert activity among the stacks, especially among the penal codes. No one was ever caught or brought to (blind) justice.

    Gosh, I hope the newspapers don't get carried away with that implications of that tidbit.

  5. I think it might depend on the library. One might relate certain incidents from the Graduate Library on the UW-Madison campus, some 15 or more years ago, if one was indiscreet.