Sunday, January 02, 2011

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Steve Martin's novel 'Object of Beauty' shows eye for art, ear for satire.

... Harold Pinter revealed: Words from the diary of playwright's wife are a window on their life.

... Retranslation of "Dr. Zhivago," a searing indictment of war through the lens of its victims.

... In celebration of earthly bonds.

... How AK-47, more than A-bomb, changed history.


  1. I've been hoping that "Zhivago" would be retranslated by this distinguished team. Now I can hardly wait to read the new translation. I assume they've also included the appendix of Yuri's poems, which will be wonderful to read anew.

  2. Me, too. And they have.

    They discussed that and other decisions about the translation (e.g., correcting the theme of "eternal memory" that had been mangled in the first translation) when I met them last year --

    This review says he is a poet as well as a novelist. In fact, he is preeminently a poet -- he was almost embarrassed that he is primarily known in the West (and received his Nobel for) Zhivago.

  3. Thomas Merton wrote one of the definitive essays on Pasternak; it's in his collection titled "Disputed Questions." I quite agree that Pasternak was primarily a poet, and Russia knew him as such. That his lead character in his most famous novel should be a poet, too, is no surprise.