Monday, April 11, 2011

Critics and assholes ...

... When Falls the Coliseum � The tedium of the provincial, hack critic.

As for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese — there’s a hell of a lot more nutritional value to be had in a single box of that stuff than in the entirety of some asshole television critic’s oeuvre, written for an advertising distribution pamphlet.

If eating a meal at The Olive Garden is this man’s definition of abject misery, in a world in which the United States just entered a third warin the Middle East, in which a civil war is raging in the Ivory Coast, in which tens of thousands of people have been killed in the drug war in Mexico, well, then, yes, I know that he’s being hyperbolic but Mr. Gold is just a big giant asshole, isn’t he?

Such people cannot be subject to enough contempt and ridicule.


  1. This one went on my Facebook page.

  2. If a critic is upholding little more than mainstream values, it's bad enough. But to take easy potshots at regular people like that is the mark of absolute scoundrels. But then I'm a guy who penny-pinches out of necessity and has, during lean times, purchased Mac & Cheese in bulk. And what's wrong with "That'll do ya" when refilling a wine glass? It isn't condescending or invasive in the slightest, even if you contemplate every possible intonation of those three words which take (what?) all of a second to escape a waiter's lips?