Sunday, July 22, 2012

Compellingly block-headed...

...You still eat with your hands? Oprah’s magical mystery tour of India

I do, and it's the only way to relish dal-rice.


  1. Sorry about that, Vikram. May I apologize on behalf of my nation?

    My first trip to India they laughed at me when I couldn't bring myself to eat with my hands. They gave me the serving spoon.

    (And I have to say they ate more gracefully that way than I could have managed.)

  2. Thank you Cynthia. How kind of you!
    But really, you needn't apologise on behalf of your nation. I had an American friend in Delhi who was studying at JNU, and was so open to cultures different to his he became them wherever he went. Not just eat with hands, he even wore a veshti (a traditional south Indian dress) and applied tilak (a scented powder applied for good luck on the forehead). We used to joke how totally native he had gone :)