Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hmm …

… The Inside Story of a Controversial New Text About Jesus | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine.

The question the discovery raises, King told me, is, “Why is it that only the literature that said he was celibate survived? And all of the texts that showed he had an intimate relationship with Magdalene or is married didn’t survive? Is that 100 percent happenstance? Or is it because of the fact that celibacy becomes the ideal for Christianity?”

If none of it survived, on what grounds does she assume it existed in the first place, other than this scrap, which dates to 400 years after Jesus' time?

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  1. julie7:32 PM

    To me this is non story. Coptics have all sorts of theories on Christ -- and this is a Coptic script. None of them really have any link to the hisotrical Christ. Second, the script cuttign off after "My wife..." could refer to all sorts of things -- like in a parable (or even Christ's bride the Church, which I think even some Romans have written about through the years...