Sunday, January 20, 2013

A contest …

My friend Julie Chovanes found herself at a loss for words while adding a comment this pts of mine: Imagine that …

The always resourceful Dave Lull then suggested that we have a contest trying to finish Julie's sentence. So go to, folks.


  1. julie3:47 PM

    1) "Potemkin academia."

    2) "Krugmen-esque."

    3) "as credible as CBS coverage of Obama."

  2. It looks to me that Julie wasn't at a loss for words but rather had so many apt alternatives that choosing which to fill in the blank with was too hard. I for one have no alternatives to offer that would be any better at trying to get at Julie's meaning. The winner is surely among these though I would be hard pressed to pick which one it is. The only suggestion I have is the correcting of what I think is a typo to read "Krugmanesque." What say you, Frank?