Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hmm …

… Is poetry dead? (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

All the prestige of poetry dates back to when it was the way you got the most vital news there is — your people’s stories. “The Iliad.” “The Odyssey.” “Gilgamesh.” All literature used to be poetry. But then fiction splintered off. Then the sort of tale you sung could be recorded and the words did not have to spend any time outside the company of their music if they did not want to. We have movies now that are capable of presenting images to us with a precision that would have made Ezra Pound keel over. All the things that poetry used to do, other things do much better. But naturally we still have government-subsidized poets. Poets are like the Postal Service — a group of people sedulously doing something that we no longer need, under the misapprehension that they are offering us a vital service.

I do not get the impression that Ms. Petri is actually familiar with much contemporary poetry — Kay Ryan, say, or Dana Gioia, neither of whom, I think, has ever been subsidized. I do think the Inaugural poem idea is one that ought to be laid to rest.

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