Saturday, January 19, 2013

Imagine that …

Biologists have long assumed that evolutionary psychology, a controversial branch of psychology that ascribes many common social behaviors to genetics, is a muddled blend of half-understood evolutionary biology, selective data mining and resentment of women’s changing roles in society.

A new study, published in today’s issue of the German publication Unwirklichen Genetikjournal, does not challenge that assessment. But it does suggest that some men may be genetically predisposed to believe in evolutionary psychology, a finding that may well suggest future methods of treatment of the psychological malady.


  1. julie7:21 AM

    This article has to be a joke, I mean really. There is no "locus taedius" and David Gelernter is a computer scientist out of Yale.

    It's like that Social Text article that was picked up years and years ago.

    Hard to tell parody of the field when the field itself is ______ (my vocabulary is going as I age :)

  2. Also, Julie, Unwirklichen Genetikjournal translates to something like Unreal Journal of Genetics.