Friday, January 11, 2013

Unrelentingly brutal...

...A Masterpiece You Might Not Want to See

I haven't seen Amour but if what this review says is true, I am not sure I want to. I certainly wouldn't want to stare into the abyss called old age for some sort of artistic gratification. What will the experience bring to me except pity and sadness at an obvious rite of passage for everyone? For what it's worth, I found Haneke's The White Ribbon underwhelming, if only because the story had been built up so well that the viewer should have been treated to a fitting climax.

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  1. I saw the preview and was impressed, as I always am, by how good an actor Jean-Louis Trintignant is (of course I remember him when he was in Claude Lelouch's A Man and a Woman, a film I detested). But from this review I gather that Amour is a take on aging from the angle of a worse-case scenario, and that is hardly the only case. I'm old enough to have experienced some of drawbacks of aging, but you know, there are drawbacks at every stage of life. You picks your number and you takes your chance.