Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wrenching …

 Rest In Peace, Maxine Clarke (1954-2012) | In Sciento Veritas. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. The blogging world will not be the same ever again. She was such a science blogger, but here at your books blog, she has contributed so much: Google for maxine I started clicking through and realized I could go on for days or weeks to get through all the posts.

    But in this thread: If we ever become a bibliocracy.......... , I came to understand that she was the Queen of the Web.

    By the way, bloggers here can find their own intersections with Maxine by adding their name to the Google search. I typed "rus maxine" and clicked "search", for instance--and found over 3000 intersections with her.

  2. Maxine's passing has affected me so uch that I have found myself unable to comment. I look on my wall at the Lake Country calendar she sent me, and I just went through the Christmas cards she sent. I'm sure she's debating crime fiction right now with the likes of Raymond Chandler — and winning!