Saturday, May 11, 2013

Continuing controversy …

(Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

News Release from Rupert Sheldrake Online

London, May 7 2013

The controversy caused by TED's suppression of my TEDx talk, along with that of Graham Hancock, has been causing ever-wider waves. Deepak Chopra, together with four leading neuroscientists and consciousness researchers, one of them a Harvard professor, wrote a blog about it in the US Huffington Post: Huffington blog

to which the head of TED, Chris Anderson, replied: TED reply

Chopra then responded to Anderson, supported by statements from 18 scientists and researchers, opposing the reactionary attitudes of TED and their anonymous Science Board, and emphasizing the importance of open-minded research on consciousness, here: Chopra's response

In his blog "TED Psi Wars Double Bonus Round: Chopra Smacks Down Anderson", Craig Weiler gave a lively overview of the controversy, showing that the plausibility of the militant materialists and dogmatic skeptics is declining fast. They depend on bullying tactics and angry polemics, but have lost scientific credibility.Chopra Smacks Down Anderson

I am speaking about the Science Delusion in London on June 6. On July 12 in Vancouver, Canada, my wife Jill Purce and I are presenting an evening together called "Liberating Minds and Voices". We are travelling together to Cortes Island, in British Columbia, and, God willing, will be joined there with our sons Merlin, a tropical ecologist doing research in the jungles of Panama, and Cosmo, a musician working in London and Brighton. From July 31 to August 4, Merlin, Cosmo and I are giving a workshop at Hollyhock, on Cortes Island, British Columbia, called "Plants Minds and Resonances". Details are on my schedule.

Immediately before our workshop, Jill is giving a workshop at Hollyhock on "Healing Family and Ancestors: Ritual and Resonance". Her family work is closely related to my own in that it makes the dynamics of family fields a matter of immediate experience, giving insight and healing together. If you come for both workshops, you will experience the female and male poles of our own family field.

Several people who have dogs, cats or other animals have asked me how they can do research with their animals. I am thinking of giving a workshop on this subject together with Pam Smart, my research assistant for the last 18 years. Pam's dog Jaytee knew when she was coming home, even when she came at random times and in unfamiliar vehicles, as described in my book "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home" .

This 1-day workshop would be on a weekday at my house in London, and would be for people who have animals that know when they are coming home, or which respond in other ways to their thoughts and intentions. The purpose is to discuss how to do research with your animal, using webcams or video cameras to film the animal's responses. If you have an animal that seems to be telepathic with you, and if you are interested in collaborating with us in doing research at home, and if you can relatively easily come to London for such a workshop, please let us know by emailing Pam:

Rupert Sheldrake

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  1. So much controversy over such a small talk. I listened to Sheldrake's talk, and while his resonance theory held little interest for me, his categorization of the materialist position, expressed as tenants of faith, seemed very fair-minded and all-encompassing. His reasons behind why he thought they were suspect seemed to cry out for investigation or response, if only to educate those of us who are curious but not set in our thinking.

    Instead, he receives abuse and suppression, much like Bjørn Lomborg received for his discussion of global warming years back. Curious.