Sunday, July 21, 2013

True innovation …

… No Names, No Jackets. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

No Names, No Jackets is a blind taste test for books, backed by a StumbleUpon-style lucky dip system and a total and deliberate lack of star ratings, likes and reviews. Whether it’s your first book or you’ve written dozens, whether they’ve sold thousands or none at all, whether your cover copy is woeful or superb, whether your jacket design is jaw-droppingly awesome or looks like it was made by a child using MS Paint, all that matters here is the writing. If writing’s good, it’ll hook readers who might never have given the book a second glance. Browse, dip in at random, follow updates by RSS, and encounter stories in their purest form, free of preconceptions. ‘Discovery’ is the main hurdle in publishing success these days, and 3NJ offers a new approach to the issue.

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