Monday, August 26, 2013

Something my anonymous former reader should see …

… Noonan: 'A Nation of Sullen Paranoids' -

… I heard this week from a respected former U.S. senator, a many-termed moderate conservative who was never known as the excitable type. He wrote in reaction to Nat Hentoff's warnings regarding the potentially corrosive effect of extreme surveillance on free speech. "All this scares me to death," the man wrote. "How many times do we have to watch government, with the best of intentions, I am sure (or almost so), do things 'for us'? Now 'security' and 'terrorism' argue for and justify the case for ever more intrusions—all in the name of protecting us. The truly frightening thing is that we are told we have to depend on government to police itself. Not a comforting thought, for we already have far too much evidence of the lack of such self-supervision. These actions, as Nat Hentoff said, will sooner than later curtail free speech."

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