Monday, September 09, 2013

"Pathological Generosity"

A man in Brazlil developed what doctors have called pathological generosity, after a stroke ...

[Talk about burying the lede:]
When asked by researchers if he wanted to return to work, he reportedly said he had worked enough and that it was time to 'enjoy life which is too short.'
Mr A told doctors he was aware of changes in his behavior and claimed he 'saw death from close up' and wanted to 'be in high spirits' from then onwards.
I personally understand this totally.  But then again I am  libertarian/Republican and religious.

Or Oh MY GOD MAYBE I'VE HAD A STROKE like the poor man in the would explain so many things...But I would have had to have it about 50 years ago, when this peculiar tendency was first identified in me by my grandmother.... A stroke at 2?  Hmmm

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