Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let's get this straight …

… The New Intolerance - WSJ.

The Indiana law is a version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that passed 97-3 in the Senate and that Bill Clinton signed in 1993. Both the federal and Indiana laws require courts to administer a balancing test when reviewing cases that implicate the free exercise of religion.
The federal RFRA followed the Supreme Court’s Employment Division v. Smith ruling in 1990 that abandoned its 30-year precedent of reviewing religious liberty cases under strict scrutiny. Congress responded with RFRA, which merely reasserted longstanding First Amendment protections.
In 1997 the Supreme Court limited RFRA’s scope to federal actions. So 19 states including such cultural backwaters as Connecticut, Rhode Island and Illinois followed with copy-cat legislation, and Indiana is the 20th. Courts in 11 states have extended equally vigorous protections.
In other words, why were there no complaints until now? I say this as someone who does not merely tolerate gay people. There are several gay people whom I happen to love dearly. I am taking my 14-year-old godson to meet one of them tomorrow. Why? Because I think my gay friend will be a good influence on my godson. So there.

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