Saturday, January 23, 2016

Q&A …

… Lunch with the FT: Julian Barnes - (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Dave also sends along my review of Barnes's Nothing To Be Frightened Of: Diverting thoughts on Grim Reaper.

I am surprised that I disagree so much with a writer I so much enjoy reading. I am anything but a pedantic recipe-follower. But I was taught to cook by mother and grandmother, and most of the recipes had been handed down. I am a very organized cook, but I improvise all the time.
I can't imagine why anyone in his right mind would have voted for Jeremy Corbyn — unless he wanted to bring down the Labour Party.
I don't like Shostakovich's music (though I have a soft spot for the man and look forward to reading Barnes's novel), and I am not especially afraid of death. Like Peter Pan, I think it will be a very big adventure. (I do understand the fear, though. As Larkin has it, "Not to be here, / Not to be anywhere, /And soon …")

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  1. I can't help conjure him as a prick after reading this. I am always wary of people who talk so glibly about their personal lives, and use their close family as tools through which to refract their art and ideas.