Monday, March 14, 2016

Edward Snowden on technology battling gov't oppression

From the Wall Street Journal, via a video call from Russia, all of which is kind of ... ironic:
“More than anything, I am encouraged by looking at what the results have been. In 2013 you could credibly make the argument …. There will be blood on this guy’s hands. We will be attacked as a result .. Mexico invades Texas, who knows. It’s the end of the world,” he said, speaking by video link from what he said was a studio that he operated by himself in Russia, where he said he is living in an apartment. “But now in 2016 it’s not so easy to make those arguments. They haven’t been able to show any convincing evidence at all … This is why we see public opinion shifting over time, where fewer people are convinced this helps terrorists and more people recognize that whether or not these policies should be continued, the public at least deserves to know more about them.”

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