Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good advice — and more …

… PIERS MORGAN: Prince Harry, If you are thinking about going to Yale, you must be nuts | Daily Mail Online.

We live now in an era when Kim Kardashian can bombard millions of complete strangers with naked selfies and is lauded, not least by herself, for ‘sexually empowering women’, but a young man’s glittering university career is ruined on the whim of a young vengeful woman who cries rape a year after an incident so ‘horrifying’ that she returned to her ‘rapist’s’ bed the same night.

See also: The Real Scandal at Oberlin Is Much Bigger Than One Professor’s Anti-Semitism.
… Oberlin hired an unrepentant bigot to teach undergraduates to write about justice and guide them in their moral development.

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