Wednesday, March 02, 2016

How peculiar …

… Bill Gates 'discovers' 14-year-old formula on climate change | Fox News.

Bill Gates just released a climate science equation that explains how the world can lower carbon dioxide emissions "down to zero," according to the 2016 edition the annual letter he and his wife, Melinda, published.
What does it mean to "lower carbon dioxide emissions 'down to zero'"? Each of us emits carbon dioxide with our every exhalation. Plants emit it at night when they can't photosynthesize oxygen because of the absence of sunlight. Now I can see being worried about carbon monoxide emissions,  since CO is poisonous. But the free and easy use of the phrase "carbon emissions" is itself puzzling. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of the carbon compounds. Gates is a college dropout, right? But he's real rich, too. So we have to take whatever he says seriously, right? Wrong.

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