Friday, March 11, 2016

In case you wondered …

… Trump’s voters aren’t authoritarians, new research says. So what are they? - The Washington Post.


  1. Hi Frank, I just e-mailed you without giving you a link to a different article from the Washington Post: Donald Trump’s thuggery is inexcusable.

    If people stop believing in his Mickey the Dunce routine, that he had no idea he was creating a Hail Hitler salute game at his rallies by having Nazi party members and member of the KKK in attendance raise their right hands in a pledge, and we the dopes are suppose to believe that he is innocent of inciting the violence at his rallies that escalated tonight -- if people stop believing his Mickey the Dunce routines, and still vote for him, they are no longer to be categorized as "populist" but as "racist".

  2. Well, here's some other information regarding that business, and it looks like there's plenty of blame to go around:

  3. It's a Trump rally. What excuses would he have if he becomes president? I suppose the best we could hope for, is to say that he really is not racist, just over his head stupid. But we should not be so stupid as to believe in his stupidity. He is conniving the racism into the rallies, then playing Mickey the Dunce. These are underhanded sales tactics that are used in retail every day. Buyer beware.

    If Sanders is doing underhanded things, this does not excuse Trump. Trump remains guilty.

  4. I hold no brief for Trump. I would like to see something other than name-calling and wild charges and emotional venting. "If Sanders is doing underhanded things, this does not excuse Trump." Does it excuse Sanders? And what would excuse Trump, in your view? If your premise is that Trump can do no right, then … ? Bad enough that we have this wretched selection of candidates. Do we have to abandon reason altogether and do nothing but sling epithets? My argument is in support of reason and common sense, which seem to be in short supply this election cycle, and which are not helped by tossing around slogans.