Saturday, March 12, 2016

Let's get ready to rumble …

 Chicago | PJ Media.

… it is doubtful the Left has actually shut the Donald down. They've most likely supercharged him. Saul Alinsky taught his disciples that confrontation -- of precisely the kind that just transpired in Chicago -- radicalized people far more efficiently than speeches, and exhorted organizers to seek every opportunity, not to "get along", but to let it all hang out. By that standard the Trump supporters have been given a master class in radicalization. Because the rally has merely been postponed or relocated, it's better than even odds that tonight's fireworks will attract as many people for the rematch as it repels.
I say let 'em fight it out. They all think they're so tough.


  1. The protesters were holding up their peace signs. The violence was begun in how Trump with his thuggery talk, inciting his followers to rough up protesters as they were taken out of arenas.

    If someone punched you in the mouth, would you want bystanders saying, "Let them fight it out" -- as if there were 2 sides to the story? Uh uh. This is Trump's doing.

  2. If someone punched me in the mouth, I wouldn't need any bystanders egging me on. I've done my share of fighting.

  3. So then, if someone punched you in the mouth, and someone else stepped in to help you, should we then say, "let 'em fight it out. They all think they're so tough."

    Or isn't it the perpetrator, the original thug who punched you who would be at fault. Anyone who would want to stop the fighting would be on the side of inured parties.

    This is what we have, the Trump campaign egging on violence, people stepping in to protest, and now we accuse the protesters of initializing the violence.


    Interesting staging problem here too. When that guy McGraw sucker punched the black kid, the security people did not then go after McGraw, but continued to be physical with the protester. The problem is, that when security or the police secure someone in order to physically escort them, the training is that that arrested person is then under their care. The person being physically escorted cannot defend themselves, and is completely at the mercy of security -- for everything, including such things as food, hygiene and health care. Trump, therefore, has had extremely flagrant and irresponsible security issues long before people came together to protest his violence and racism yesterday.

  4. I would prefer to handle it myself, period. Someone might want to break it up, but that's their business. As for Trump's "thuggery talk," it's talk. Has he specifically incited anyone to violence? That would be a crime, and I'm sure he knows that. Getting violent over things he says that you don't like is also a crime. I don't know the details of the McGraw incident, but even if the guy was getting in McGraw's face, punching somebody is assault. Everybody ought to calm the hell down. Peaceful protest is fine. Disrupting free speech is not.