Saturday, March 12, 2016

More on those Trump protests …

I’m disappointed to see people’s eagerness to stop Trump causing them to forget, or ignore, this basic American principle: Offensive speech doesn’t justify violence.

See also: Donald Trump is not a fascist, and violence is nothing new in American politics.
Trump is not new. The violence in Chicago has been a part of American politics for a very long time. The angry nihilism of the far-Right has incubated for decades; the “no platform” tendency of the Left is authoritarianism by any other name. And the slow corruption of American republicanism – the growth of the state and the willingness of politicians to do anything to get votes – began long before The Donald threw his hair into the ring. Trump is not a political crisis in isolation but, rather, a symptom of wider institutional failure. A symptom of American political decline.
I  think this is nearer the truth than most of what is being bandied about on the subject. Cool, calm reason seems out of fashion in these days of pointlessly raised decibels. And that is true of both sides.


  1. It was a Trump rally. Trump has been inciting racism at each of his rallies, attended by Nazi party members and members of the KKK, including as we all know, his staged Hail Trump "fun" pledge -- he calls it.

    Why did the protesters come out? They were protesting Trump's incitement tactics. How long should these people have stayed home and watched on TV as people get called nigger, get spat on, get roughed up, get pushed, bullied and --the sucker punch too, with the "we might kill him" remark. We? We who?

    If we then say that it is those who were acting like bullies and KKK members who really are the cause -- who is their leader? None other than Mickey the Dunce Donald Trump, who did not even have to show up for the racial conflict to break out in Chicago.

    No matter how far afield writers want to blame everyone from Sanders now -- and of course Sanders supporters would show up to show solidarity with those being spat on and hit -- to the weakening of the country when it comes to these matters, and the crumbling of rationality in Chicago, this "fun" game is Trump's doing.

  2. I am reading the news, and the breadth of it is mostly how Trump is inciting the violence and racism. But Trump is coming out blaming Bernie Sanders, which in his Mickey-the-Dunce way creates news stories and reactions. It's a little late in Trumps racism "fun" game to be blaming someone else. My significant other Mary, who has dark skin from her African, especially Cape Verdian background, has not been placed in heightened danger by Bernie Sanders, but by Donald Trump. This racist TV drama that he is creating, spills out into real life. This is why people demonstrate: