Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hear, hear …

Not Many Laughs | The Weekly Standard. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)
Political correctness has already made it impossible to discuss with the complexity they deserve many of the most serious issues of our time. Under the reign of political correctness, one cannot talk about black-on-black crime, or knock the more violent lyrics of rap music, without being called racist. Women's issues, it is understood, can only be discussed by women; sexist dogs need not apply. Point out that much of the diversity lauded by contemporary universities is as artificial as the language of inclusivity used to promote it—in a scholarly book I not long ago read that the author had put in many "person-hours" getting up her subject—and one is straightaway written off as a troglodyte. Find silly recent student claims that Halloween costumes and exclusive fraternity-party invitations made them feel uncomfortable, or that having the word "Trump" printed on the campus sidewalks, as happened recently at Emory University in Atlanta, made them feel unsafe, and one is written off as an insensitive beast. All this nonsense and more is owed to the rise of political correctness.
Recently, my pastor, in his sermon, remarked that Jesus often answered a question with a question. I told my pastor that this proved Jesus was Jewish, citing a joke I have heard many times: A man asks a rabbi, "Why do Jews always answer a question with a question?” The rabbi answers: “Do we?”


  1. There's an even better essay (although one I don't entirely agree with) written by professional troll Ben Schwarz (who I agree with even less, although he does have some surprisingly thoughtful points) here that may be of interest: