Sunday, June 12, 2016

More nonsense …

In our brave, new world, the proper use of English is now a microagression — Hot Air.

When immigrants come to “America,” they are routinely stripped of their language. They are expected to learn English immediately and flawlessly, because the kind of people that Americans consider respectable talk and look like middle-class white people.
I had a wonderful time some years ago in Italy, though I knew only enough Italian to make a phrase book useful. I will always remember with joy my conversations with Fabio, the butcher whose shop we visited often, he with his phrase book and I with mine, as we laughed our way to mutual comprehension. I certainly never felt "stripped of my language." The natives in Italy speak Italian. I was a visitor, a guest, if you will. This ninny doesn't seem to grasp that no one here expects  anyone from a foreign country to learn English immediately and flawlessly. What a phony complaint. If you don't feel comfortable not speaking the language of the country you have emigrated to, go back home.

As for  "the occupied territories that people call 'the United States,' " I suppose he thinks England is still being occupied the French. What a fool.

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