Thursday, September 01, 2016

Well, I sure in hell would …

 Colorado professors advise students to drop class if they question climate change - Washington Times.

I'd probably also start looking for another college. God knows where they find clowns like this. If these people want to teach dogma, they should take up theology.


  1. Whether human-induced climate change is real, that 98% is a bad badge for a scientist to wear. These Colorado preachers looking for a choir should have known better: The Nonsensus: 97% to 98% of climate scientists believe in global warming?

    I'm having a problem with these climate preachers pretending to be scientists not having a problem with the study they are leaning on as they try to influence young collegians.

  2. Were this a class in atmospheric physics or chemistry, I'd be all wound up and ready to call the chancellor. But as I recall from the article, the class was "Medical Humanities for a Digital Age". What does that mean? Reading Thomas Browne, Chekhov, and William Carlos Williams on one's Kindle? The best outcome would be the teachers rebuked, the course struck from the catalogue for future terms, and the students scolded for signing up for a course without content.

  3. There was, of course, that famous scientific consensus about the spinning around the earth, and that other one about no need for doctors to wash their hands before delivering a baby.