Thursday, November 17, 2016

FYI again …

… You Are Still Crying Wolf | Slate Star Codex. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

See also this and this.


  1. For those too busy (or too...?)to read the entire piece, please note Scott Alexander's main point:

    'Stop centering criticism of Donald Trump around this sort of stuff, and switch to literally anything else. Here is an incompetent thin-skinned ignorant boorish fraudulent omnihypocritical demagogue with no idea how to run a country, whose philosophy of governance basically boils down to “I’m going to win and not lose, details to be filled in later” [emphasis mine], and all you can do is repeat, again and again, how he seems popular among weird Internet teenagers who post frog memes. In the middle of an emotionally incontinent reality TV show host getting his hand on the nuclear button, your chief complaint is that in the middle of a few dozen denunciations of the KKK, he once delayed denouncing the KKK for an entire 24 hours before going back to denouncing it again. When a guy who says outright that he won’t respect elections unless he wins them does, somehow, win an election, the headlines are how he once said he didn’t like globalists which means he must be anti-Semitic.'

  2. Uhmm, nevermind.

    Oh, alright, once again . . .

    McCain and Romney ran against a "minority" candidate, Barrack Obama. One of the great accomplishments of Obama was that he was a black 2-term president. This is very important to the minority community, regardless of where left of center each one may be. For instance, he drew Colin Powell's vote because of it.

    Trump ran against a white woman mainly. Along the way, he made all sorts of racist and insulting comments into live microphones without any white sheet over his head. This had a great "leadership" effect, and caused violence against minority families and other shameful crimes -- still is. This is why his minority base was so low. He has no excuse for it being so low. He has no excuse for losing Colin Powell's vote, for instance, because Clinton is a white Democrat.

    While minority families are now trying to put this horrifying social change into perspective, and talk within their families about how to handle the now-more-open behavior of people who hate them, I posted onto Facebook this article: The Effects of White Supremacy Are Non-Transferable. It's just one of many articles, the most recent that I have posted.

    Fortunately, minority families have themselves, and the holiday season is upon us, when people of color will be comparing notes and developing best strategies to cope with the social abuse and violence against them ~~ while eating turkey, exchanging gifts, singing songs, and contemplating their family history and future.