Thursday, November 10, 2016

Yes …

… Trump won because college-educated Americans are out of touch - The Washington Post.

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  1. This writer is not so much out of touch, but skewed in his thinking. It's a very weird thing to compared the low percentage of Trump's getting the vote of darker skinned people to the somewhat lower percentage of Romney. Romney was running against darker-skinned Obama, not lighter-skinned Clinton. Obviously, Obama would be more in touch because of life experience than Clinton would, with darker-skinned people, thus the bigger vote.

    Neither Romney nor Obama insulted Muslims, Hispanics, or blacks. Trump did. It would be interesting to compare the disability vote. Trump leveled a horrific insult against anyone who is disabled when he mocked that reporter.

    If we are to now explain why so many people of color did not vote for Trump, it is probably because they felt they owed him more a punch in the nose than a vote for president.

    For the able light-skinned voter, the concept of hate speech gets on a par with whether one is pro-life or pro-choice. No one is hating anyone. So we get the abstraction of whether a vote should go to Trump, being pro-life, even though he seems somewhat racist. People of color are left thinking, those white idiots just voted in a guy who hates us.

    These abstractions also happen with tax cuts: Well, Trump may be racist, but he says he will cut my taxes, or lower health care costs, or do something about the border situation. Light skinned people voted for him, even though he seemed racist. The abstraction of maybe the country would be better off with Trump turned into a blind hope -- all abstraction, not reality based. Indeed, surely, he even got the racist vote. So, it's true, white anti-abortionists or pro-lifers, found a way to vote alongside Nazis. People of color left to say, "But he hates us!"

    In order for this to happen, Hillary had to be hated herself. Trump kept up the foolishness about getting a special prosecutor to indict Hillary right up until the end. She was framed, not as an experienced and dedicated public servant, but as crooked Hillary, even though a Republican justice system cleared her. Her e-mails were unremarkable. That uncrooked Hillary is who Trump voted for last election. As far as anyone could look, nothing could get pinned on Hillary, but it all stuck to her. No one knew that she was probably going to be tougher on the border than Trump, in that she would be more effective in making them secure. Before there was ever a 9/11, her husband was already all about strong borders.

    We all know that Trump was a Democrat four years ago, who ran Republican for political reasons. Hillary used to be a Republican.