Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I wish life was genteel like it used to be -- but it ignored many people then too...

ON MONDAY a legal and lay people TV show -- the American Law Journal -- aired with me arguing against Matt Sharpe, a head lawyer for a Christian right wing group about the legitimacy of my and trans people's lives.  It was an interesting experience and stressful too, to prepare and appear against a person who represents an organization and people that basically want to segregate and stigmatize me and people like me.  And this is one of the few if only times I know lawyers from opposite sides of trans issues have appeared facing each other.  It's like a black and white lawyer facing off during Jim Crow times.
On a personal note, I wanted to out feminize his group -- so when the question came which bathroom should I pee in in North Carolina, where it against the law for me to use the women's room, I could prove, by my own appearance, that that would be very ill advised and unsafe for me to pee in the men's room.   I am my message, basically, and so physical appearance is important too.  (I'm the second one from the left in the top row below.)

The edited show was on last night.  And it went well but they did edit the best part; Matt left “unexpectedly” right after I said it and they cut it.  I said “It’s amazing and sad that Matt’s organization is more interested in my genitalia than I am.  And it’s really sad that the people in that organization are far more interested in my genitalia than I am in theirs.”  He left right afterwards, but they cut that part sigh, and I guess my line was too daring but that’s what Matt's organization really is about.

Here’s the link to the YouTube replay.  The show is about the very current issue of trans people and their rights, features some really great people and is about a 1/2 hour.

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